Know 8 Hidden Meanings Of Colours If You Want To Create A Lasting Impression

By: FPJ Web Desk | August 23, 2023

When you are going to meet a significant person for the first time, always remember, your appearance is the most important aspect; as it is said, 'First Impression Is The Last Impression.' Though that may not be entirely true, but people definitely, remember the first time they met someone. So, keeping that in mind; know the hidden meaning of colours to create a lasting impression according to your personality and how you want to appear

Green: is the colour of nature. It signifies balance, kindness, maturity, hope, harmony, and optimism. Wearing green gives the impression that you are trustworthy and a generous person

Blue represents calmness, stability, and confidence. Wear blue to make people perceive you as calm and confident

Red: It is associated with courage, action, attention, passion, sexuality, love, power, leadership, and decisiveness. When you want to look authoritative or powerful or grab attention, wear red

White: Choose white when you want to appear for an interview or meeting. White colour evokes feelings of purity, simplicity and peace in humans. So, if you wish to give that impression, choose white

Orange: Wearing this colour means you are active, excited, creative and extrovert

Pink: This colour is associated with love and femininity. Wear pink to look adorable

Yellow: People wearing yellow are seen as energetic, friendly, happy, warm and optimistic. Wear yellow if you want to make friends, be part of a group, socialise or when you go on a solo trip

Black: It signifies luxury, mystery and power. Black clothes can make you look sophisticated and mysterious. They can be paired and coordinated with all colours. They can be worn for almost any occasion

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