Kiss Day: 6 Different types of kisses and their meanings

By: FPJ Web Desk | February 13, 2023

Kiss Day is celebrated globally on February 13 as a part of the Valentine's week celebration. A kiss is a sign of affection, love, and admiration. It can can convey our emotions better than words

Let us take a look at the different types of kisses and their meanings to make this day more special

Hand kisses from a partner indicates respect. It shows that they respect you for who you are and make it evident with this gesture

Cheek Kiss can reveal familiarity and affection. People we are close to are often kissed on the cheek when we meet them and greet them

An affectionate forehead kiss means care and a sense of protection. This kiss helps to develop intimacy and trust in a relationship, while conveying a level of care for the other person

Nose kiss is the signal you send to your lover or crush that you are deeply in love with them. It is a soft kiss that expresses love, care, and adoration for your romantic partner

A neck kiss are typically shared by lovers who are extremely enthusiastic about one another and convey sexual intentions

French kiss is for the lovers! It is a type of passionate kiss, which is exchanged by two people who are really attracted to or in love with one another

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