King Charles and Queen Camila royal dresses for the coronation; check pics

By: FPJ Web Desk | May 06, 2023

King Charles III and Queen Camilla will wear two different sets of robes during the coronation on May 6-the Robes of State and the Robes of Estate

All pics courtesy: The Royal Family

Images released by the BuckinghamPalace showed Royal School of Needlework’s embroidery team conserving the King’s Robe of State, which will be worn by him on arrival at Westminster Abbey, and the Queen Consort’s Robe of Estate, which will be worn by her after she is crowned, on departure from Westminister Abbey

The King will reuse historic items of clothing from the Royal Collection, worn by previous monarchs at past Coronations, during the Coronation Service at Westminster Abbey on 6th May

The Supertunica takes the form of a full-length, sleeved gold coat and is worn under the Imperial Mantle

The Imperial Mantle is made of cloth of gold, gold, silver and silk thread, silk, gold bullion fringe and a gold clasp

The cloth of gold is woven with roses, thistles, shamrocks, crowns, eagles and fleurs-de-lis

The gold clasp is in the shape of an eagle, which can also be seen on the newly created Anointing Screen, and in the form of the Ampulla which will hold the Chrism oil

The Coronation Glove or gauntlet is made for the Sovereign’s right hand. His Majesty The King has decided to reuse the Coronation Glove made for the Coronation of his grandfather, King George VI, in the interests of sustainability and efficiency

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