Japanese Artist Yukiko Morita Transforms Unsold Bread Into Luminescent Lamps

By: FPJ Web Desk | June 09, 2023

Japanese artist Yukiko Morita combines two of her passions, her love for bread and art, to create a unique product: Pampshades. “Pan (Japanese for bread) + ‘lamp shade’= pampshades,” Morita explains on her website

Instgram- Yukiko Morita

The idea, she reveals, struck her when she was working at a small bakery in Kyoto

“It is carefully hollowed out, dried thoroughly in a drying room, coated with a special resin paint and treated with a preservative fungicide. This is repeated a few times to create a firm film over the entire bread. Once the bread shade is completed, the next is electrical components — assembling and soldering the LED lights and setting them up,” she said

To minimise waste, she actively purchases unsold bread from bakeries and also uses leftover dough that was destined to be thrown away

The pampshades may look delicious, but Morita warns that they are not edible because of the anti-bacterial and anti-fungal coating on top of them

It comes in eight designs — pain à la coupe, croissant, champignon, toast, baguette, batard, boule and petit boule. The price range of each varies

Morita says that her favourite bread is baguettes

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