International Day of Women and Girls in Science 2023: 7 lesser known Indian women in this field

By: FPJ Web Desk | February 11, 2023

Janaki Ammal (1897-1984) : Known as the 'Mother of Botany' in India. She successfully invented a breed of sugarcane suitable for the Indian climate

Asima Chatterjee (1917-2006): is known for developing anti-malarial drugs, anti-epileptic drugs and her study on vinca alkaloids and medicinal plants

Kamal Ranadive (1917-2001): established the first 'Tissue Culture Research Laboratory' in India at the 'Indian Cancer Research Centre', Mumbai in 1960 and was also a founding member of 'Indian Women Scientist’s Association'

Kamala Sohonie (1912 – 1998): was an Indian biochemist who in 1939 became the first Indian woman to receive a PhD. Her work on the nutritional benefits of the palm extract called 'Neera' was inspired by the then-president Rajendra Prasad's suggestion for which she received the 'Rashtrapati Award'

Dr Indira Hinduja (1946) is an Indian gynaecologist, obstetrician, and infertility specialist who pioneered the Gamete Intrafallopian Transfer (GIFT) technique. Her work led to the birth of the first GIFT baby in 1988

Gagandeep Kang (1962): is a virologist and the chairperson of the World Health Organisation (WHO) Southeast Asia's Immunisation Technical Advisory Group. She built national rotavirus and typhoid surveillance networks, established laboratories to support vaccine trials

Known as the 'Rocket Woman' of India, Ritu Karidhal (1975) is an aerospace engineer and is working at the Indian Space Research Organisation. She was a Deputy Operations Director to 'Mangalyaan', and contributor of the 'India’s Mars Orbital Mission'

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