10 Photos By Mumbai-Based Travel Photographer With His 'Barty- The Van' That Will Inspire You To Pack Your Bags

By: Shreya Sur | June 07, 2023

Meet Mumbai based travel photographer and influencer- Nishchay Bharati Jain is following his passion of travelling and photography in his caravan'Barty-The Van'

In an exclusive chat with FPj he spoke about his journey that started back in 2017 when he first visited Ladakh, that truly left an impression on him to explore breath-taking landscapes, diverse culture, and rich food experiences

Barty- The Van is his dream venture that Nishchay Bharati Jain worked hard to turn it into a reality. It’s a complete package and my home on wheels with all the facilities such as a functional kitchen, queen size bed, a refrigerator all of whihc is solar powered

This caravan isnamed after Jain's mother Bharati whom he lost in November 2021 as a tribute

According to Jain, travelling opens up your mind, you get to experience new culture, varied delicacies, meet different people and get to know their stories while making memories with them is what I love the most

The Mumbai based travel photographer has visited Rajasthan in his van which was a beautiful experience

In the past he has also visited Kashmir and captured the states beauty in his lens

Jain has also explored Tamil Nadu's Dhanushkodi in his van. He also hopes to take 'Barty' for international trips like USA's national parks, Vietnam and Thailand

Born and brought up in Mumbai, Jain always had an interest in going out of his comfort zone and explore the country. He has also explored Tea gardens of Munnar as well

Before building a caravan, one should rent a caravan at least for a month and travel in it and experience the vanlife in our beautiful country, adviced Jain on buying and travellin in a Caravan

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