In pics: World-class painter, Henri Matisse colourful journey and his brilliant work on his birthday

By: FPJ Web Desk | December 31, 2022

World-class painter Henri Matisse was born on December 31, 1869 in Le Cateau-Cambr├ęsis in France and he died in 1954

In 1889, he was down with appendicitis. During that time, his mother got him art supplies and he fell in love with painting and art. He then decided to become an artist

'The Red Studio' was painted by Matisse in 1911. The painting is of his art studio where he created an interesting arrangement of colors and shapes

'Le Mur Rose' (meaning: Landscape, the Pink Wall) was one of his famous paintings from 1898 which has a long history

'Woman Reading' was produced by Matisse in 1894, which is now owned by the 'Museum of Modern Art in Paris'

One of Matisse's 1905 paintings was 'Woman with a Hat'. It brings a different level of emotion to the painting. It was purchased by major art collectors

Some of his paintings have sold for over $20 million

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