8 dog breeds perfect for you based on your personality type

By: FPJ Web Desk | January 17, 2023

German Shepherd is a perfect match for ISFJ personality type. The breed is known for being watchful, obedient and intelligent. They want to serve a purpose and keep everyone safe, which often leads them to be overprotective of their families.

Labrador Retriever is perfect for ENFP personality type. The breed is an ideal pet known for its playful nature, warmth, and intelligent nature. These big dogs love adventure, they will go wherever you take them

Corgi is a match made in heaven for the ESFP personality type. They might be small in size, but their playful nature is something to loook forward too. they love being the centre of attention. They often have trouble focusing on one task at a time

Beagle are a perfect match for ESTP personality type. This breed is active and love constant social interactions. They are constantly searching for new adventures. As a result, they’ll get into trouble if not given frequent attention and activity

Shiba Inu is match perfect for ISFP personality type. This Japanese breed is very peaceful and loyal. Though they make great companions, they believe in minding their own business and laying on a patch of grass

Chow Chow is a perfect match for the INTP personality type. This breed's aloof and pensive personality tend to make them appear to have their heads in the clouds. But they are adorable and a worthy companion

Siberian Husky suits the best with the ESTJ personality type. The active, outdoorsy husky is always looking for action. This breed is known for its communication skills with their master, they are usually well mannered but can get out of hands at some situations

Last but not the least, Golden Retriever is a worthy campanion for the ENFJ personality. This breed is known to be very passionate, playful and charismatic. They are one of the adorable pups and the cutest pups and need constant attention

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