Global Day to End Child Sexual Abuse 2023: 8 things you should teach your toddler about body safety before they join school

By: FPJ Web Desk | April 11, 2023

Good touch and bad touch should be taught; for example a tap on shoulder from teachers is good but kissing on lips is inappropriate behaviour

Teach them the importance of body safety, tell them to not remove clothes in public places and in front of anyone

Teach them that they should not kiss anyone on lips including family members

Kids are entitled to privacy. Teach them to go to the toilet alone and no one should accompany them unless parents wish too

Keep communication open. Your child should have complete faith in you so that they can speak to you about anything and everything. Try and build their confidence by letting them express themselves

Make them understand that they should not touch their private parts at public places

Teach them not to go with any person alone. Also, teach them not to go and sit on anyone's lap or allow them to kiss them

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