Geometry In Motion: 7 Masterpieces By Artist Hedda Sterne On Her Birthday

By: FPJ Web Desk | August 04, 2023

Hedda Sterne was a Romanian-born American artist and one of the few women artists to receive recognition during the male-dominated art scene of the mid-20th century. Sterne's art encompassed various styles and media, ranging from abstract and surreal paintings to drawings and prints. On her birth anniversary let us look at some of her popular artwork

Open Enclosures, 1943 is one of her popular artowrks

Vertical-Horizontal, No. 7, 1982

Vertical Horizontal 1, 1963 is one of her most popular artwork

Metamorphosis, c. 1967

Monument, c. 1949-51 is an oil on linen painting

Hedda Sterne,  Violin Lesson, 1944

Untitled, c. 1945 is another popular artwork of hers

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