From Taiwan to Belgium; 10 countries where same-sex marriage is legal

By: FPJ Web Desk | April 20, 2023

Netherlands became the first in the world in 2000 to formally recognise same-sex marriage

Belgium made marriage equal for all people in 2003. The nation's legislature enabled queer couples to adopt in 2006

Canada modified the the traditional definition of civil marriage in 2005 to permit same-sex marriage

Taiwan became the first Asian country to permit same-sex marriage in 2019

Norway made same sex marriage legal in 2008. The nation's Lutheran Church permited its pastors to wed same-sex couples in 2009

USA made same-sex marriage legal in 2015

South Africa made same sex marriage legal in 2006

Argentina became the first nation in Latin America to allow same-sex unions in 2010

England and Wales made the landmark same sex marriage decision in 2013

Australia made same sex marriage legal in 2017

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