From first date to forever: 7 tips to build a lasting relationship

By: FPJ Web Desk | May 06, 2023

Falling in love and getting into a relationship is easy, but maintaining it requires consistent effort. One day a couple promises each other the world, and the next, they ghost one another; relationships don't work that way

Commitment, some sacrifices, some compromises, everything together leads to a long-lasting relationship. And remember, the efforts pay off. Ravi Mittal, Founder and CEO of QuackQuack dating app share some expert tips to make sure your love last longer

Realistic approach: Keeping a realistic attitude toward a new relationship works better; there will be disappointments but the idea is to look beyond it at the bigger picture and keep working toward a better future. From the early stages of a relationship to the later stages, being realistic makes it easier for couples to deal with any bumps in the road

Compromise: The most crucial thing about compromises is understanding how much is too much. In most relationships, one takes on more responsibilities than the other. It can be 60/40, but a 90/10 relationship will never work out in the long term. Both partners' wants and needs should be equally satisfied. The best course of action is to be aware of this shift in behavior and proactively block it

Don't fight to win: There's no winning or losing in conflicts within a relationship. The focus should be on resolving it, not winning it. Fights are unavoidable in any relationship, but what you fight for is crucial- is it to find a solution that's mutually beneficial, or is it to assert power in the relationship? While the former will lead to positive changes, the latter is a sign of a toxic partnership

Communicate: New couples tend to keep things bottled up to avoid conflict, but the lid blows one fine day. From early on, it is crucial to have effective communication. It is unfair to keep your emotional state hidden from your partner and then expect them to put forth the effort to get you out of it. Voice your emotions; don't hold on to them

Love languages: Every individual has different love languages, and figuring out each other's ways of expressing love in the initial days can help couples build lasting relationships. Take the time to understand and appreciate different love languages to build a stronger bond

Don't resist change: Change is inevitable. Even relationships change; it's called growth. Fighting to keep things as it was when it started is futile. People change with time and exposure to new factors, and so do relationships; it might be tricky to cope with the sudden shift, but accepting it is the best thing to do

Space: Just because two people are in a relationship does not mean they will always be of one mind. Two individuals, though together, can have different interests. Allowing room in a relationship for both parties to grow individually is the ideal way to maintain peace and happiness. Setting limits and having an effective strategy on how to be together while yet having one's own space can help couples avoid unnecessary fights

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