Friendship Day 2023: 6 Signs That You Have A Genuine And True Friend For Life

By: FPJ Web Desk | August 07, 2023

This year, Friendship Day will be celebrated on August 6. There are signs that can tell you that you have a Genuine and True Friend for Life; take a look.

No bargain: Your friend never expects anything in return. If your friend invests time and effort in the relationship, just as you do, he/she is definitely the one you should never let go

Trustworthy: If you can trust your friend and has supported you in all your ups and downs, no matter what the circumstances are, don't let that friend go. He/she really is a gem

Care and interest: If your friend is true and genuine he/she will care for you and your interest. They listen to you without judgment and celebrate your success

Honesty: No matter what, true friends will come back to you and tell you the truth. They value clear communication and willing to work through misunderstandings

Support system: True friends are there for you in times of need. They offer a listening ear and empathise with your feelings and experiences

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