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By: FPJ Web Desk | August 22, 2023

See failure as an opportunity: Failure is not always bad. Examples are- many of the great scientists who failed multiple times before they made valuable discoveries. So, failure is an opportunity to improve, grow and be better than what you used to be before

Love yourself and believe in yourself: The best thing that you can do for yourself is to fall in love with yourself. Take good care of yourself and have complete belief in yourself. Always remind yourself that you are capable and you can do it

Gratitude: Practice gratitude- express gratitude to God for this wonderful life, parents and whoever is your strong support system- be it your friends, relatives or anyone who lifts you up

Take enough sleep: Sleep deprivation can bring to the forefront many mental and physical problems. So, make sure that you follow regular sleeping pattern

Positive thinking: Staying optimistic doesn't mean you should not be sad. Definitely, that is also, a human emotion that has to be acknowledged. Optimism means knowing that the difficult phase will pass too. Don't lose hope ever. Let go of what can't be changed

Avoid social comparison: Social comparison is a trap that will always make you unhappy and unsatisfied. People always flaunt on social media and even if not, don't compare others' richness, achievements with yours. Be happy with what you are and have, while striving for excellence

Make the most of now: Life is here. Anything that you can do now, is to make the most of it now. Take action, start working on what you want to achieve. Enjoy. Wear your best clothes. Travel. Live your life to the fullest

Don't take opinions to heart: People will always give you 'Free ka Gyan', but don't let it affect your decision about any matter or your self-confidence. Instead, chill and let them say whatever they want to. You just keep doing your work without getting affected by people's toxicity and manipulation

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