Do more with less; 10 budget-friendly ways to reinvent your home

By: FPJ Web Desk | April 21, 2023

While creating a monthly budget, home decor doesn’t always make it to the list. Some of us would instead park aside our earnings for necessities such as food, travel, phone bills, etc. The rest of us are perhaps waiting for that bonus. However, at the end of a long day, we wish to return to a chic, cozy home. Or even invite friends and family to an elegant abode.

However, refurbishing your happy place doesn’t always have to be a luxurious project. If you plan the details and be strategic, you’ll have yourself a cute new space without going broke. Palash Agrawal, Chief Design Officer at Vedas Exports suggest some budget-friendly creative ways to reinvent your home without spending bomb

Multipurpose décor: Why settle for a plain vertical shelf when you can prop up a circular gold wrought iron shelf on the wall that doubles as art? And how about a fancy mirror? Mirrors are a fine addition if you’re going for a trendy look and feel. Picture an iron sunflower frame with a round mirror in the center. 

Lighting: If your budget doesn't permit elegant chandelier lighting and the electricity bills that come with it, go back to basics- candles! Occasionally, you can light a few candles around the house and have a cozy evening. Perhaps hang a lantern candle holder in a corner?

Wall Art: You don’t need to spend thousands on real paintings. Get some elegant metal wall art instead. An iron cycle or bike sculpture on a pastel wall is unique. But of course, you could also paint something quirky yourself and let your friends and family see it

Hang it Pretty: It’s all about the tiny details. Something as small as a key holder would add to the personality of your home. A unique key holder adorned with embellishments is the first thing you or your guests will see when they enter your house. You’ve got to create a memorable first impression, especially when it doesn’t cost a lot.

Greenery galore: Plants effortlessly add a refreshing touch of green to any scene. But remember, it’s a two-way street; while they do their best to bring your room to life, you ought to do your best to keep them alive! Hence, it is advisable to invest in plants only if you are sure you can manage the upkeep

One dramatic: centerpiece Minimalist design has many ways to approach a home makeover; instead of buying a sizeable host of different items to display on your table, buy one large dramatic piece and let it shine. Plus, if it’s good quality, you won’t have to purchase new ones repeatedly

Like a Spa: What about the way your house smells? Not only does it smell lovely, but it also looks so if you pick the right colors. Ditch those pricey air fresheners and get some potpourri. And when placed on a rustic platter, your home will look no less than a lavish spa

Pop of Color: Cushions, curtains, tablecloths, towels, rugs, and the like tend to set the mood of any space. You can coordinate their colors to match the rest of the decor and give your home a more opulent look

Wait for Sales: Be on the lookout for furniture sales, especially the ones that say “clearance.” Here you get to grab high-end products at low prices. Also, check for second-hand items at backyard sales. These are the ones with great vintage items

Plan Ahead: Jot down your makeover plan and stick to it. Check for faults, leakages, cracks, etc., in your home before revamping it from the outside. Discovering these problems later, much after you’ve done up the place, can quickly derail your budget

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