Biparjoy Cyclone: Precautions and Do's & Dont's

By: FPJ Web Desk | June 12, 2023

BEFORE THE CYCLONE: Check the house; secure loose tiles and carry out repairs of doors and windows

Inputs from National Disaster Management Authority- Government Of India

Remove dead branches or dying trees close to the house; anchor removable objects such as lumber piles, loose tin sheets, loose bricks, garbage cans, signboards

Keep a hurricane lantern filled with kerosene, battery-operated torches and enough dry cells

Believe in the official information and when a cyclone alert is on for your area continue normal working but stay alert to the radio warnings

WHEN YOUR AREA IS UNDER A CYCLONE WARNING: get away from low-lying beaches or other low-lying areas close to the coast

Get extra food and dry non-perishable food always ready for use in emergency. Store extra drinking water in suitably covered vessels

Small and loose things, which can fly in strong winds, should be stored safely in a room

Be sure that a window and door can be opened only on the side opposite to the one facing the wind

Switch off the electrical mains in your house and remain calm

DURING A CYCLONE: DO NOT venture out even when the winds appear to calm down. The 'eye' of the cyclone might be passing. Winds might intensify and gush again and cause damage. Be safe inside till it is officially announced that the cyclone has passed

WHEN EVACUATION IS INSTRUCTED: Pack essentials for yourself and your family to last a few days. These should include medicines, and special food for babies and children or elders. Remain in the shelter until you are informed to leave

POST-CYCLONE MEASURES: Strictly avoid any loose and dangling wires from lamp posts

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