9 Unusual Cats With Unique Appearances And Stories

By: FPJ Web Desk | August 07, 2023

Meow! It's International Cats Day this Tuesday, August 8. On this day, take a look at some of the unusual cats that will leave you amazed with their unique appearances.

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Selkirk rex: This half-cat, half-sheep has curly and out-of-the-bath fur. This breed of cat is calm and affectionate in nature. She is a best furry companion in nature

Khao manee: The name means diamond eye, because Khao Manee cats have bright blue, yellow, or odd eyes. They have silky and white coats and are touted to be prized by ancient Siamese royalty. This rare breed was so far, found in Thailand, but when it became threatened with extinction, it was brought out of the country

Sphynx: This hairless cat has its body covered with fine layer of fuzz. This breed first appeared in Canada in 1960 and then was exported to the Netherlands and crossed with Devon rex cat

Cornish rex: This cat has fur resembling Astrakhan lamb's wool. It has slender tail, slim waist, and enormous eyes. Another surprising trait of this cat is that their toes are so long that at times, they are looked as hands

Levkoy: The cat is also known as Ukranian levkoy. It has folded ears and no hair. This cat is called as an experimental cat by Russias and Ukrainians. It is a cross breed of Scotish fold and Russian donskoy

Devon rex: This cat is known for its extremely playful and affectionate nature. It was first seen in England in 1950 and 60s. Similar to Cornish rex, the cat has large ears, small head and wavy coat. It has very expressive eyes

Lykoi: Their fur is salt-and-papper-coloured which is said to be the product of a natural genetic mutation. Their eyes and muzzle, ears, nose, and paws are hairless. Lykoi's look may be harsh, but this cat is soft and affectionate in nature

Savannah: This cat is a creation of a cross breed between servals, a wild African cat in savannah and female domestic Bengals. They are wild in nature and gigantic

Peterbald: This Russian cat is named after its native city, Saint Petersburg and an adjective bald which is related to another hairless breed, the donskoy. This cat needs to be kept warm and often requires small sweater to regulate her body temperature. They eat a lot due to their high energy levels

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