9 Green Flags To Notice That Will Help You Love And Respect Your Partner More

By: Shreya Sur | November 28, 2023

Loyalty is one of the important green flags in a relationship. It does not only mean being faithful to your partner, but also entails not hiding information or lying about anything from your partner. No matter the information be, good or bad, your partner must not lie about it

If your partner does not laugh at your mistakes in public or private, it is a clear green flag. Mistakes could be pointed personally and in private to be rectified then and there

Your person should make you feel wanted and important. This could be conveyed both verbally or through actions. It could be prioritizing you over any other person

The fourth green flag is being non-judgmental. The person who does not judges their partner on the basis of looks and habits is a green flag in a relationship. Says Mumbai-based relationship coach, Jeevika Sharma

The fifth green flag is when your partner does not hide the relationship with family, friends or any other person. If your partner does not shy away from showing you as their partner to the world and openly accepts the relationship, it's a clear green flag

When your partner does not argue or go silent instead resolves the issues peacefully, You have a partner who knows how to handle things maturely in a relationship

A major green flag is when your partner is happy about your success and celebrates your achievement. A good partner never feels inferior in a relationship

If your partner takes your stand in front of their family, friends and other people, it shows that the person would always be with you under any circumstances till the time you have not done anything ethically wrong

They should not bitch about you or should not support the person who is bitching about you. Respecting your partner in their absence is one of the biggest green flags in a relationship

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