8 Times When Ranveer Singh Proved Why Glasses Are Men's Fashion Accessories

By: Aanchal Chaudhary | April 20, 2024

Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh is one of the popular fashion icons today. He doesn't just serve with his acting skills but also with many dashing looks.

His style of pairing glasses with every look makes his fashion stand out. From traditional attire to a chic suit look, he has glasses for every occasion.

The daddy-to-be actor always complements his look with a matching pair of shades. It doesn't just enhance his overall look but also flaunts his facial features.

When it comes to fashion, he always pays attention to every detail which is evident from his looks. In this picture, he is perfectly paired with the hat, jewellery and glasses to complete the whole look.

From Gucci to Carrera, Singh's collection has some of the most expensive and branded glasses from all over the world.

He likes to elevate his style by adding glasses which are chunky in size, geometric in shape, or pop in colour.

Be it a basic white look or extravagant fashion, he likes to pose while flexing his shades.

The star is a perfect inspiration for men's fashion when it comes to accessorising their look.

All images via Ranveer Singh's Instagram