8 things to keep in mind when buying a perfume for your special one

By: FPJ Web Desk | June 04, 2023

Never understood how to pick the right perfume to gift? Dimple Fouzdar, the founder of Maison de Fouzdar shares some secrets to pick out the most perfect perfume to impress your partner

Understanding their fragrance profile: It is important to know the recipient's preferred fragrance notes (eg. Rose, vanilla, berries or perhaps sandalwood, citrus or musk) and certain accords that they prefer (such as floral, woody, fresh or oriental)

Taking the occasion into account: If the fragrance is being gifted for a special occasion choose a perfume that suits it appropriately. If it’s just a casual gift, a nice body mist will be appropriate

Lifestyle considerations: A strong and long-lasting fragrance may not be suitable for someone who works in a professional office setting, instead, a light and fresh scent may be more appropriate if they were to use your gifted perfume often

Seasonal appropriateness: Fragrances can also be chosen based on the time of year, with light and fresh scents being more popular in summer, and warmer, spicier scents being preferred in winter

Gift set options: Consider choosing a gift set that includes the fragrance, as well as accompanying products such as body lotion or shower gel, to make the gift more complete and luxurious

Brand reputation: Choose a well-established brand with a good reputation for quality fragrances to increase the likelihood that the recipient will enjoy the gift. Go for luxurious or niche perfumeries when picking out gifts for special one

Evoke memories through scent: Consider gifting a fragrance that is reminiscent of a special moment or memory shared with your loved one, or that holds personal significance for them

Packaging: The packaging of the fragrance sets the tone for the gift, so consider buying a perfume that comes in a beautifully designed box and elegantly shaped bottle that aligns with the recipient’s taste in design

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