8 things that your parents did but you won't do with your kids

By: FPJ Web Desk | June 05, 2023

Smoking around kids: Just 20 years back, we would see parents puffing around kids, often indoors as well. There are some parents who might still smoke in front of their kids, but that's not what you would prefer as a parent

Letting them drink soda: Do you know 7Up was a healthy supplement to a baby's diet in 1950? But it's clear and most parents today stick to organic baby food

Kids can not take public travel alone: Most of us have taken public transport alone, but you can't think your kid going around alone in a bus

Letting newborns cry for hours: In the early part of the 20th century, letting the baby cry was considered as exercise for the baby, but today, moms and dads will be horrifies if baby cries endlessly

Kids can stay home alone: Our parents would leave us alone at home with TV when they had an evening out, but, babysitter is a thing for modern parents

Allowing kids to play in harmful playground: Splintery seesaws and furnace-hot metal slides were fun, even if the child could fall and break his leg, but parents today would be terrifies to see those equipments

Giving them corporal punishment: You can't beat your kid with a belt or a belan. A few decades ago, parents didn't shy away beating their kids, today's parents find this inhumane

Letting them go for sleepovers Kinds used to go for sleepovers at a neighbour's house but today, most parents check out the family before letting their child sleep over

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