8 Things Parents Should Say To Their Daughters Before Their Marriage

By: FPJ Web Desk | September 05, 2023

"Financial independence and having an identity is equally important even after getting married. Having not to depend on your spouse for your financial needs will give you freedom and increase your ability to take your own decisions."

"Never compromise on your SELF-RESPECT for anyone; don't let others make you feel bad about yourself."

"Don't adjust for others at the cost of your own happiness. Adjusting is okay but not if you have to sacrifice your happiness for it."

"Don't tolerate any mental or physical abuse. Once it starts in a relationship, it will never end."

"Taking out time for yourself is not selfish; you should do things that makes you happy even after you get married."

"Don't hesitate to say 'No' if you aren't comfortable with anything; don't tolerate things you don't like."

"Don't stop socializing after marriage. Keep in touch with your friend circle apart from your husband's circle."

"Don't think you are alone; we are always there for you." Parents should build confidence and trust in their daughters that they will always support them when their life is going through a rough patch or something bad happens; so that their daughters can be comfortable in sharing any kind of difficulties they are facing after their marriage and they know that their Parents Home is their Safe Haven where they can come back whenever they feel like

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