8 skincare regime for every bride-to-be

By: FPJ Web Desk | December 14, 2022

Cleansing: Timely cleansing is the most important thing for your skin. Your face is exposed to a lot of pollutants including dust and dirt during the day. Cleansing is important as it deep cleans and gets rid of all the excess dirt, makeup, and impurities you've encountered throughout the day. This will help to keep your skin clear, healthy, and radiant. Without cleansing, your skin will be more prone to breakouts, dehydration, and premature aging

Deep moisturising: The secret to glowing bridal skin is to have moisturised, plump skin. Your entire makeup look might be ruined by dry, flaky skin. A moisturiser can aid in retaining the moisture in your skin. Daily moisturising helps lessen the likelihood of developing extreme dryness as well as excessive oiliness. Both extremes are damaging to the skin and are the root of frequent skin problems like acne

Sun protection: It is essential to use the right SPF for your skin type even if the sun rays are not that strong in winter. Prolonged exposure to the sun can have long-lasting effects on your skin and is one of the leading causes of skin damage. The effects of unprotected sun exposure on your skin include hyperpigmentation, sunburn, dark patches, and sunspots

Bedtime skincare: Despite the hectic schedule linked with wedding preparations, do not neglect your nighttime skincare routine. As soon as you go to sleep, your skin begins to repair. The healing process will be substantially accelerated and made simpler by providing your skin with the right nutrients

Sensitive Skin Friendly Ingredients: Use products that are compatible with your skin as you strive to stick to a skincare regime to make sure your skin is flawless. You don't want unexpected flare-ups ruining your plans. Niacinamide, as an ingredient, can increase skin hydration by preventing the loss of moisture and acts as a natural anti-inflammatory. For those with sensitive skin, this is a go-to ingredient to eliminate all their skin woes

Homemade face packs: Nothing works better than homemade face masks. Rediscover all the DIY face masks from your grandma's recipe. Natural face masks don’t have any side effects. Create masks according to your skin type. Don’t leave the masks to the last minute, make a habit of following the routine regularly

Eat healthy: You may follow every skincare routine and yet not see the results on your skin, for you are not nourishing your body internally. We all want to look fit on or D-Day but that doesn’t mean to starve yourself. You are what you eat. So include fruits, vegetables, nuts and dark chocolate in your diet plan. Drink lots of water and keep your body hydrated

Stay stress-free: Being a bride and planning a wedding is very stressful. But it is really important to be stress-free and enjoy every festivity. Keep your mind in peace and try meditating when needed

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