8 signs you are being manipulated by your partner

By: FPJ Web Desk | December 14, 2022

Your partner goes beyond boundaries: If you have set some boundaries in your relationship, be wary of anyone who tries to cross it. When you tell a partner what you are OK with and with what not, it's up to them to either say that they can live wit it or they can't. You may be able to meet halfway on certain subjects but you should never feel threatened

No is not an answer for them: Your partner loves you and he expresses, but gets upset when you don't say it back. It is important to reciprocate the emotion but you may not want to respond to that and just show your admiration in silence, but the partner who gets upset on no response is surely doing a business of giving and getting it back. This at times plays a reason for the manipulation

Dramatic statements: Another red flag? A manipulative person will often use dramatic statements like “I thought you of all people would understand” or “You’re the only person I’ve ever loved.” If they attempt to wheedle, cry, or shame you into changing your mind, it is a sign of manipulation

Tears are the key: Crying is a big one. Tears might flow during a tough conversation, but take note if your partner seems to be pushing them out. Emotionally manipulative persons have crocodile tears and they can make their voice sound shaky, but it's all an act to get you to do what they want

Want to control everything: Manipulation is all about control, and one of the tactics used to gain control is to take a person out of their element. If you are living, hanging out, meeting friends and going out on dates of his choice and none of them is yours, then you are living your partner's life. It’s much easier to control someone when they aren’t in comfortable surroundings

They need proof for your love: Be aware of partner who is constantly testing your love, possibly with statements like 'If you really loved me' followed by what they want you to do. This is a guilt tactic where your partner tries you use emotions to prod or shame you into doing something you don't want to do. It's a form of manipulation no matter how innocent it sounds

Emotional blackmail: It is ugly. If your partner tries to make you feel fearful, obligated, or guilt for your boundaries or decisions, it is a form of emotional blackmail. They also might hang a conversation or secret you shared as a way of scaring you into doing things their way. All of this is a red flag. Run away!

They play the victim: Let's say you and your partner get into a fight. No matter who was in the wrong, what was said, or what actually went down, your partner is just heartbroken and can't believe that you had hurt them, even if your partner was actually the one who did something wrong. It's a way to make you feel like you're a bad, unworthy partner, and for them to avoid taking responsibility for their own actions

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