8 handcrafted Liquor Brands: Revamp your bar with these homegrown alcohol this party season

By: FPJ Web Desk | December 07, 2022

Charosa Tempranillo Reserve: is considered one of the best red wines of our country made in Charosa village, Maharashtra. It smells like coconuts, chocolate, and vanilla, and is a dry, red wine. You can taste hints of fruits like raspberry, strawberry, and plum. Price: INR 2,500.

Woodburns: is a beautiful Indian malt whiskey made without any traces of foreign malts in Goa. Woodburns has an iconic charcoal and smokey taste to it. Price: INR 1,500.

DJ Mahua & DJ Mahua Liqueur: is a nectar-rich flower of the Madhuca longifolia tree, and this indigenous drink is rumoured to be known as the elixir of the Gods and the weakness of deities. DJ Mahua and DJ Mahua Liqueur is a product of this country's rich tribal history. Price: INR 975.

Simba Beer: It started with two variants, wheat beer, and stout. You can taste hints of lemongrass and coriander in it, and we've heard that the fragrance is not as pungent as other wheat beers.  Price: INR 130 per pint.

Stranger & Sons Gin: is another great spirit born out of Goa. It tastes slightly citrus-like and spicy. This gin has ingredients like black pepper, nutmeg, mace, coriander, liquorice and Casia bark, sourced from local coastal regions.  Price: INR 1,450.

Jaisalmer Indian Craft Gin: Expect it to smell citrus-y and of Juniper. You can taste the liquorice in it very evidently, along with the angelica, cubeb pepper, and juniper. This gin can go very well with orange and lemon peels added as garnishing.  Price: INR 3,500.

Smoke Vodka India: There are two variants you can get; one is the classic one, the other is the aniseed one. It's a pretty smooth vodka which doesn't burn your throat and will go well with any and every cocktail. Price: INR 2,000.

Forrest Wine Barna: It can easily be classified as a dessert wine. Especially if you choose to try their Mango wine. It's sweet and leaves a slightly strange aftertaste which is only noticeable during the first few sips.  Barna is only available in Himachal Pradesh. Call your friend there now! Price: INR 700.

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