8 Grooming Essentials Every Man Should Have

By: FPJ Web Desk | June 07, 2023

We may think that skincare or grooming is for women but with the changing times, men are becoming aware of the importance of skincare. In case you are still new to the concept of skincare and want to take your grooming game a notch higher, here's the list of grooming essentials that your skin and hair care needs

Beard oil: Beard oils come with a blend of natural oils which nourish and hydrate the beard. Oil will soften, condition, and add a healthy sheen to your beard, ensuring it looks and feels incredible

Beard comb: Combining a beard is an essential step to maintain its shape and promote even growth. Pick a right comb that glide effortlessly through facial hair, prevent tangles and keep the beard neat and well-groomed

Face Wash: After a long-day out, face accumulates oil, dirt, and grease that hardly goes away with just water. A face wash or cleanser can act as a saviour. It will remove dead skin, brown spots and residue easily

Scrub: A must have for a man to cleanse your skin completely. Scrub penetrates into the deep layers of skin and removes dead cells and blocks in-grown hair leaving you skin rejuvenated

Face mask: Face mask is essential to add a bit of hydration to the face. Mask is especially meant for men with detoxifying properties. This mask will draw out impurities, unclog pores, and leave his skin feeling refreshed and revitalised

Face toner: Give a perfect finishing touch to your grooming routine. Toner helps helps tighten and tone the skin while providing a refreshing and cooling sensation

Shower Gel: Ditch a soap and enhance your daily shower experience with a good shower gel and loofah. Most of the shower gel contains beads that burst with mild touch offering an exfoliating effect, elevating hydration level, and leaving a refreshing fragrance

Shampoo: Hair and scalp health is also part of grooming and shampoo is a mandate. Hair cleanser or shampoo combats dandruff, itchiness, and hair fall and promotes hair growth. This male grooming product improves and comforts scalp health giving a soothing effect. Follow it up with a conditioner

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