7 Ways To Train Your Brain That Will 4x Your Focus

By: FPJ Web Desk | June 19, 2023

Plan and visualise a few critical tasks each day. Identify critical tasks for the day and visualise completing them to feel the positive emotions. Your subconscious will work to help you turne your thoughts into reality if you focus on the success of your day

Find your peak hours. You can experiment with scheduling your most important tasks during different peak hours to find the time that work best for you

Treat your mind like a muscle. If you hit snooze every morning and have to drag yourself out of bed, it might be time to refresh your mornng routine with some morning stretches

Build willpower and discipline. Willpower fuels actions, while discipline helps overcome obstacles like intrusive thoughts, comfort zones, and laziness

Avoid distractions! Ensure that your external environment also lacks distractions. Turn off your phone notifications, say 'NO' whenever someone interrupts you, and be committed to cut off every possible distraction around you

Leverage the power of habits to stay focused without relying soleley on motivation and willpower. Build productive habits to teach your brain how to behave at different yet specific times

Practice mindfulness! Focus your entire attention on the prersent moment. You can practice mindfulness in various situations- while reading, working, studying. washing dishes, walking in the park, etc

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