7 Ways To Calm Yourself When Life Is Getting Tough

By: FPJ Web Desk | July 03, 2023

Go out! It is really important to go out of your home or office. Make sure to visit the park or maybe sit at the nearest coffee shop or just rravel to different place to soak up the surroundings

Indulge in good food, spas, shopping or even exercise. Anything that makes you feel good , just do it!

Be silly. Do something that you did as a child. Whether it is reading comics, solving puzzles, playing with cars, legos or just barbies, do anything that makes you feel childlike

List down all your positives and what all you have achieved till now in your diary

Re-visit an old hobby. Painting, dancing, singing or just watching movies, just revist your past

Cry your heart out. There is no shame in emoting your feelings out. You feel much lighter afterwards

Get enough sleep. Adulthood and busy work life leads to lack of sleep for most. Make sure to sleep well

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