7 tips for a hassle-free holiday with kids

By: FPJ Web Desk | May 26, 2023

Summer holidays have officially started and this is the time when all kids are jet setting in their mind. Travelling with preschoolers or older ones may turn into a nightmare when things get crazy and out of control

Some kids dislike the notion of travel, while others may be delighted at first but quickly get bored once the journey begins. But with this helpful guide by Dr Vrushali Bichkar, Consultant Paediatrician and Neonatologist at Motherhood Hospital in Pune, you can assure a happy and productive holiday for the entire family, including yourself

Do Not Be Hasty: Whatever stage of the journey you are in, make this your mantra. While planning your trip, make sure to account for all contingencies and allow enough time at each location to ensure that you are not rushing to get somewhere else

Limit your luggage: Most individuals tend to overestimate their demands for the vacation and wind up carrying a lot of material they may not even utilise. Overpacking can be perplexing because every single item may seem vital. Make your selections and prioritise the necessities, while remaining realistic about disposables

Choosing Between Residences and Hotels: This is a decision in which your own family's understanding, or even their voluntary choice, may be critical. Depending on where you're going, you could be debating whether to stay in a hotel or rent a vacation house

Label Your Child: Make sure your child has identification, either in the form of a locket around their neck or a temporary tattoo with all the information needed to reach you if they run away

Select the Appropriate Flights: Another circumstance that necessitates a trade-off between convenience and cost. Going for a red-eye flight will save you money, but be aware that your children will be grouchy and your first day of the vacation after you arrive may not be ideal

Take frequent breaks: Some youngsters find travelling to be too stressful. They may become fussy if they are constantly moving from one location to another. Allow for a few breaks between each leg of the journey so they don't feel rushed to meet a deadline

Enjoy Your Journey Constantly worrying about the plan, as well as the challenges and problems, does not make for a pleasant vacation. Remember to let go of continual control and to go with the flow every now and again