7 Things That Act As Energy Drainers For Your Growth

By: FPJ Web Desk | August 31, 2023

Thinking about past mistakes: It is very important to leave your past behind and move forward. There are definetely some wrong decisions in life that one cannot change, but one must learn from the mistakes and move ahead instead of just stressing about the past

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Comparison: Stop comparing yourself with others! This is something we all need to follow. Everyone has a different journey in life which we need to follow rather than comparing it with others

Stop proving your worth to others: You matter the most to yourself! As you grow older in life, you will realise that what matters the most in life is your happiness. No one else in your life will understand or value your worth

Spending time on things that don't matter: In the time of social media, it is impossible to live without them. But, it is very important to stop giving more time to all the things that a don't matter much

Stop being someone else: This is something we all have done someday or other to be liked by others. Stop doing that! Be yourself, do not try to be like someone else

Trying to control things we can't control: The biggest rule of life is that you have to stop trying to control things that you cannot control. This is how life work. You have to prepared for the worst and try to give your best shoty, but cannot control life

Worrying about the what people think about you: Stop thinking about what people will think about you. No one else should matter more to you than yourself

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