7 Qualities of sophisticated women that make them stand out

By: FPJ Web Desk | May 22, 2023

She stays across what’s going on in the world: as she knows it’s important to keep informed

She is considerate of others: and is helpful, thoughtful, polite, patient, attentive and mindful

She knows the art of self-control: Spilling all your darkest deepest secrets to someone you’ve been talking to for 5 minutes, doesn’t make you brave, it sort of makes you inappropriate and she knows to keep a handle on her emotions and control her behaviour

She is mindful of putting out negative energy: She’s conscious of the words she speaks and the impression she wants to cultivate. They don’t talk badly behind someone’s back for hours on end

She invests in her own growth and development: Any well-rounded woman knows that lifelong learning is key. She lives and she learns. Investing in yourself is one of the best things that you can do for your life- your career, relationships, and well-being

She takes care of herself: which also, includes that she works on boosting her confidence, positive self-talk and calling out her inner critic

She goes her own way and doesn’t follow the crowd: A sophisticated woman doesn’t always 'fit in'. She actually stands out but for all the right reasons. She isn’t afraid to respectfully disagree. She will speak her mind, and allow herself to be heard

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