7 Psychological Hacks To Stop Overthinking

By: FPJ Web Desk | November 15, 2023

Change the way you talk to yourself, is the first hack to stop overthinking. People who overthink always keep saying negative things to themselves, so you need to change that as, negativity can lead to bad decision making and hamper your growth

Letting go of the past, is another important hack to stop overthinking. Everyone needs to undertsand, that we cannot change the past. You can just learn from your mistakes and grow to never repeat those mistakes ever

Make sure to live in the moment! The pats and the future is not in your hand, all you can do is to work hard and focus on the present. Enjoy the present and do what you can do to make this moment worth living

Challenging your thoughts is another important hack to stop overthinking. Overthinkers get lost in thoughts a little more than usual; if you find a thought that is worthless passing through your brain, immediately write it on a piece of paper, tear it, and throw it away

Make sure to focus on what you can control. Individuals prone to overthinking often worry on matters beyond their control. Consider pausing to evaluate whether these concerns fall within your sphere of influence and focus solely on aspects that amplify and bolster your capabilities

Another important aspect is to identify your fears! If you have irrational fears, there is high chance that you will suffer more often in yout imagination than in reality. Best strategy to overcome fear is to take action!

Last but not the least, make sure to write down solutions, when you get any ideas- especially solutions. So, if you know the problem, try finding the solution and write it down in your journal. This way, your brain shifts it attention towards the solutions

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