7 pictures that show royal family members are just like any of us

By: FPJ Web Desk | April 05, 2023

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, is Prince Charles’ wife but a photographer captured her picture after she accidentally got a little bit of vanilla on her nose just like us

Prince Harry likes to make people around him laugh and here, it appears that he’s mimicking the sound of a motorcycle

Prince Harry likes children and when he was with his wife Meghan Markle; a four-year-old boy pulled Harry’s beard. The prince played right along with the boy’s gesture, and was even heard responding, “You might have a beard soon, you never know!”

Prince William stopped to click a photo with a fan in the crowd like a true gentleman; making the woman cherish the moment forever

Meghan on getting a sports jersey for her son: The Duchess appears overjoyed at the gift, showing gratitude

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, appears to really be getting into the groove, and the locals in Jamaica are loving it

William and Kate on watching their favourite team (tennis match) losing the game: with the Duke putting his head in his hands and the Duchess crying out in defiance, their responses are something most people can probably relate to

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