7 Most Romantic Places Every Couple Should Visit Once In A Lifetime

By: FPJ Web Desk | July 14, 2023

Provence in France: The lavender fields, vineyards, and mountains make for a perfect backdrop to spend some 'Us' time in Provence. Spend your days relaxing, eating delicious food and sipping on local wine

Paris in France: It is no surprise that Paris is on this list. The beautiful city decked with historic architecture has delicious food and iconic monuments, which make for a best romantic holiday

Santorini in Greece: It may be overcrowded but definitely a place to visit with your partner. The blue-and-while architecture with stunning sunsets over the turquoise sea are mesmerising

Bruges in Belgium: It is said that couple who cross Lovers bridge over the Lake of Love in Bruges's Minnewater Park will be together forever. Do visit once

Venice in Italy: A gondola ride in Venice may be a romantic cliché, it's really not a bad idea to sing some songs with a partner onboard these traditional rides

Kyoto in Japan: Springtime is the best for couples to visit Kyoto. With cherry blossom during March and April, the flowering trees create the perfect backdrop for a romantic stroll

Maui in Hawai: Whether hiking or watching sunrise while holding hands, Maui is a great romantic destination for couples

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