7 Luxurious Fragrances To Add In Your Home To Bring A Touch of Opulence

By: FPJ Web Desk | June 29, 2023

Home fragrances are now just as much a part of interior design as any piece of furniture or work of art. Why leave the smell out when you've carefully chosen every piece of furniture and light in the space and set the mood? Ridhima Kansal, the director of Rosemoore suggests some fragrances to set a welcoming atmosphere at home

Sandalwood and Cedar: Warming oriental melody with notes of delicate citrus and vanilla, as well as seductive sandalwood, deep cedar, and sweet amber. It appeals in a warm, yet very gentle and pleasant way. It is also highly reviving and refreshing because of the citrus and vanilla undertone

Lavender Blue: Lavender Blue has a lively appeal and is a calming, peaceful scent. It has the capacity to bring back pleasant memories and transport you into a romantic universe. The colour lavender blue encourages tranquility and physical well. It promotes comfortable sleep and lessens general restlessness

Gingerlily: Jasmine, pink ginger, dry notes of tea, and woody musks infused scent can be very comforting. Your mood can be lifted and your body and mind can be revitalised by the unique fusion of these numerous floral smells

White Tea: With the help of this beautiful aroma, your living space will feel more inviting. Its light white tea scent gives your room a bit of vitality without becoming overpowering. To get the most out of the vivacious scent, use it with reed diffusers

Wild Orchid: The scent of wild orchid is sweet and velvety, with hints of rose and delicate green leaves that give the mixture a freshness

Eucalyptus & Kaffir Lime: Inspire your life with this energising scent. It will give you a zingy feeling because to its zesty scent. Yes, it is an appeal for olfactory luxury

White Jasmine: A few mists of this scent will perfectly evoke floral magic. Its energising scent uplifts your mood, calms your mind, and gives you more energy

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