7 Little Yet Thoughtful Acts That Show Love

By: FPJ Web Desk | November 05, 2023

Couples think that they need to do big things or gift expensive things to show their love towards each other. But that isn't true. These little yet thoughtful acts also show love. Offering a jacket when the other person is feeling cold: May sound filmy but it shows your genuine care for your significant one and shows your thoughtfulness and love. It is like saying that I love you and would always like to keep you protected.

A gentle touch during difficult times: It symbolises that the person cares for you and wants to support you during tough phases in life. It also means that you are not alone and I will be there with you no matter what.

Sticky notes: A handwritten note on a mirror or cupboard saying, "I love you and keep smiling always." It will brighten anyone's day who gets to read such note by their partner. Similarly, a note saying, "Don't give up, keep going. You will rock," can motivate and encourage the receiver.

Getting a cup of tea ready for you: This could be after your office or when you come home after getting wet in the rain or during a chilly winter morning or evening. It shows your partner's act of giving you comfort and their care for you.

Folding their clothes when they are busy: When you do such little thoughtful acts, it improves your relationship and helps lighten your partner's burden. On your partner's busy days, you can help your partner with other chores as well.

Cook their favourite dish: When you cook their favourite food, it shows your immense love, care and your effort to make them happy. It will also make their taste buds and tummy happy. Then, you both can relish this food together and spend some quality time together.

Bringing them their favourite snack or sweet: When they bring your favourite snack or sweet when they come home or meet you, it shows that they remember what you like, their care for you and how much important you are to them.

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