7 Interior Décor Tips To Transform Your Home With Cozy And Chic Winter Vibes

By: Manoj J | December 05, 2023

As you prepare yourself for this winter season, why leave your home behind? Aditya Tiwari, Director of Ashley Furniture HomeStore in Jamshedpur shares some easy and quick tips to bid goodbye to the final months of the year and usher in the new year with style

Use warm lights: abundantly Creating an ambiance with warm lights creates a cosy and welcoming home during the winter months. Use candlelight in the rooms and warm-toned bulbs to have different sources of light. Bring in the warmth in your bathroom with warm light lamps

Time to get the soft furnishings out: Soft furnishings boost the room’s comfort and style. Use a colourful rug and make it an accent piece for your living room. Cushions and pillows with contrasting textures, colours, and fabrics can elevate the room instantly. Use pouffes instead of traditional footstools to warm those feet this chilly season

Overhaul the fireplace: Commencing with the winter, the fireplace shouldn’t go unnoticed. Give it a quick makeover to ensure it is ready to warm you up. You may decide to decorate the fireplace mantle to improve the mood

Create a cosy reading nook: You can have a reading nook around the fireplace to give you warmth. Or you can select a corner, get in your comfortable rocking chair or an accent chair, pair it with a couple of cushions, and throw in a comforter to make your reading time snug and relaxed

Spend more time on the balcony: Soak up the precious, limited sun during this season by spending more time on the balcony. Furnish the outsides with plush cushions, rugs, and throws. Get a portable heater to avoid the extra chill you might feel outdoors

Bring the outside in: Get the outdoor plants inside to get the much-needed oxygen inside. It will also enhance the winter décor of your room. Do put the plants out in the sun for them to soak up the much-needed sun

Get the quilt out: Winter is all about a comfortable, warm, and snug home, and the best way to do that is with your favourite quilt. Get that quilt out for a quick daytime nap

Stock the bar: No winter is over without some mulled wine to warm your bones. Revamp the bar with some new jars and glasses. Remember to stock your bar with the poison of your choice, not just for yourself but also to entertain occasional guests and visitors

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