7 Ground Rules To Follow in An Arrange Marriage

By: FPJ Web Desk | November 15, 2023

Navigating a successful marriage is difficult. Jeevika Sharma, a relationship coach suggests some ground rules for those who are getting into an arrange marriage

Trust: A marriage, either love or arrange, without trust would never be successful. Both the partners must maintain trust by being loyal to each other

Time: No matter how much the partners know each other they need to spend time with each other to make the marriage work, especially when it's an arrange marriage

Family: In an arrange marriage one needs to know the family as well and it is important that a girl is helped by the husband to understand his family members

Do not criticize your in-laws. Treat them equally as your parents, give them time and meet them regularly

Avoid arguments: Do not bring up arguments which you both had in past. It could ruin the relationship. Moreover, you both are in the process of knowing each other, arguments could set a wrong impression

Do not hide anything from your partner. Be it about your past relationship or anything which your partner must know off

Partners should be open to talking or sharing information with each other being in complete control of their senses

Forgiveness: In a marriage both the partners should forgive each other over small arguments. There is no point in dragging an argument to an extent which would break the relationship

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