7 GenZ Slangs Used In Modern Dating

By: Amisha Shirgave | May 15, 2024

Breadcrumbing is similar to leading someone. It is when you send flirty hints but are not ready to commit to the other person. It's basically you telling the other person that you are not interested in dating but that you like talking to them once in a while. 

Benching is a term used in modern dating. It is when you're not sure if you like the person enough to give them any commitment but you also don't want the other person to move on with somebody else.

Pocketing is when a person does not want to hang out with you around their friends and family. They are also very careful about not posting any pictures of you on social media. They keep you away from their personal lives, as they do not see any future with you. 

Beige flag is a term derived from the red and green flags. It is someone who is neither too good nor too bad. It makes you pause and think about how odd but likeable the other person is.

Zombieing is when someone ghosts you first, then decides to come back whenever they feel like it and pretend like nothing ever happened. They do not give any explanation of why they left and expect things to go back to the same.

Orbiting is when someone has ended their relationship with you but continues to interact on social media. They keep viewing your stories, sharing memes and occasionally texting. In short, you are orbiting around your life.

Love bombing is when the other person showers you with intense love, affection and gifts at a very early stage of dating. It feels good to be love bombed but it might have its consequences later.