7 Facts About Dingoes; The Animal Attacking Tourists in Australian Island

By: FPJ Web Desk | June 23, 2023

Dingo attacks have caused concerns in Australia's Fraser Island. In a recent case, a 10-year-old boy was bitten and dragged into the water by a dingo earlier this June. Here are 7 facts about these semi wild dogs

They have earned a reputation for being among the largest predators in Australia. Their diet can include rabbits, rodents, fish, crabs, insects, and amphibians, as well as bigger animals like wallabies, cattle, possums, amongst others

In 1900s, when Dingoes attacked pet rabbits and flocks, small fences were built. These fences were converted to a single long structure which stretched to over 5,000 miles at the time. Later, it was shortened to approx. 3,488 miles. Some reports say maintenance for the fence costs about 10 million Australian dollars every year


Some people keep the semi-wild dogs like the dingoes as pets. But keeping dingoes as pets is illegal in some Australian districts, including Tasmania, Queensland, and South Australia


Despite being wild dogs, dingoes typically mix with other canines. Dingo blood has been found in Australian Cattle Dogs and Australian Kelpies

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One of the most incredible characteristics of dingoes is their flexible wrists, which makes their paws useful for opening doors and climbing trees. Their bendy wrists are also one of the reasons local farmers consider them unrelenting pests because it gives them the ability to get and climb into places that other dogs can’t

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Dingoes also have an excellent vision, and this is further aided by their ability to turn their heads about 180 degrees

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They can be classified into three major types; desert dingoes, which are known to be sand-colored, reddish, or golden yellow, alpine dingoes, which are rare and are distinguished by their light cream coats, and northern dingoes, which are known for their lack of double coats as well as having the finest build of the three types


Besides their inclination to form packs, dingoes have other wolf-like traits, which include their propensity to howl rather than bark

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