Winter Wellness: 7 Essential Oils To Keep You Skin Hydrated

By: FPJ Web Desk | November 28, 2023

Winter is synonym with delicious food and dry skin. And to beat the universal issue of rough skin, essential oils work wonder instead of lotions. Here's our guide to a few essential bath and body oils to prepare your skin to for winters

Rose and Geranium Bath Oil: There's no better way than pampering yourself with rose oil. It not only moisturises the skin but also nourishes the body and releases mental and physical stress

Sandal & Vanilla Bath Oil: The oil is used to help sharpen your memory. The vanilla and sandalwood essentials have many antioxidants which help heal the dry skin and promote smooth skin

Almond Cold Pressed Oil: Known as an impeccable moisturiser, almond oil almond oil is a go to product when it comes to healing the dry skin. The oil also helps cure stretch marks

Black Pepper & Cinnamon Body Oil: High on anti-ageing, and anti-oxidants, black pepper oil works as a shield to protect your skin form premature ageing and in winters it works as a natural moisturiser

Jasmine and Sandalwood Body Oil: Most of us have known for benefits and the delicious fragrance of jasmine and sandalwood oil. The oil not only creates relaxing atmosphere around but also calms the mind. Use with a hot water for a relaxing bath

Patchouli and Ylang Ylang Body Oil: It calms and refreshes your mind, body, and soul. used as stress reliever, the oil is full of anti-inflammatory properties which help rejuvenate the skin. Interestingly, this oil suits for all skin types

Ginger and Bergamot Body Oil: The oil is known to heal blemishes and stimulate skin cells but it is also good when you want to use it for dry skin. Some may not like the fragrance of the oil but if you can, then this oil is a wonderful therapy for pigmentation and complexion