7 Effective Ways To Cool Your Body During Humid Weather

By: Rahul M | May 20, 2024

With temperatures soaring high, inconsistent rains and thunderstorm, humidity levels go high and makes it difficult to conduct regular activities with ease.

Humidity does not mean more heat. It is the level if water vapors in the air. When the weather is too humid, it feels damp, sticky and uncomfortable. It even gets difficult to breathe and leaves you with constant excess sweat.

Being out in humid weather for longer durations can be harmful to your body. It can cause headaches, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, increased breathing etc.

To avoid extreme humidity, you could always choose to stay home, do not make the mistake of opening the windows for more ventilation of air. It will only make the insides of your house more humid.

Get a dehumidifier if possible so that you breathe clean air inside your house. It is also advisable to get and air conditioner that will keep your house cool and save you from both heat and humidity outside.

On Humid Days, try consuming non-cooked and raw foods that will keep your body cool. Try making easy salads and drink plenty of water.

Humidity can result into excess sweating and rashes on your body. Keep taking frequent showers if. It can temporarily help you stay cool.