7 Day Law Of Attraction Guide To Achieve Your Dreams

By: FPJ Web Desk | November 01, 2023

Day 1: Choose. The first day is for to choose what you want to manifest and make a clear decision. It is recommended that you start with a smallest of thing so that it lays a strong foundation for your process

Day 2: See it! Not literally, but visualise what you have manifested happening. Put yourself into that position as you have the power to see yourself as an achiever. This will help you keep your energies focused on what you specifically want

Day 3: Affirmation is your next step. Decide on a few words that assure you that you are going to achieve it what you have manifested. Try and repeat your affirmations several times in a day. In a way, this practice is going to help you remind your little dream

Day 4: Take steps: Like they say, you can't achieve something you don't work for. Desiring and affirming yourself is one thing, taking steps to that direction is what make your dream come true. Taking action on your manifestation is the first step to allowing the law of attraction align with your aim

Day 5: Giving back! No, you don't have to give away your money or job, but giving your services to a good cause. Your good karma will protect you and help you and eventually raise your vibration towards seeing more positivity thus changing your perspective toward your dream

Day 6: Stay positive. This is one of the most difficult aspect of aligning law of attraction with your manifestation. Being positive helps you go closer to achieving your dream. You will feel negative and thought keep coming to your mind, however, not responding to those thoughts and focusing on the positive is what going to keep you focused

Day 7: Be open to sign and opportunities! Yes, by the seventh day, you are going to see some signs that will drive you toward what you manifested on the day one. There will be a possibility of an opportunity that may take you closer to your bigger dream

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