6 ways to pack and take care of your jewellery when travelling during monsoon

By: FPJ Web Desk | June 14, 2023

Planning for a monsoon trip? While you know what best to pack for your clothes, you may struggle with packing your little pieces of jewellery. Aditya Modak, co-founder of Gargi by PNGS suggests some interesting tips to pack and care for your jewellery to ensure its longevity post-vacation

Pill Cases for Earrings: Earrings are delicate and most prone to getting lost in your luggage. So, it is ideal to be cautious about how you pack them. Weekly pill organisers are the safest bet to store your earrings during travel. They are compact and come with multiple compartments, making it easier to carry a variety of earrings

Microfibre Napkins for Necklaces: Simply roll your necklace up in each napkin and tuck it amongst other essentials. When you arrive at your destination and unroll the napkin, you will find your necklaces untangled, with no loops in the cloth

Foldable Jewellery Roll Pouch: Travel jewellery rolls are new but very functional for keeping your most petite and delicate jewellery pieces intact. Most of these pouches come with a soft cloth layering that helps keep your jewellery safe from catching scratches or moisture

Ziplock Bags for Chunky Jewels: Ziplock bags can be used to store your chunky necklaces, hair accessories, or large hoops. They are water resistant, so you won’t have to worry about moisture affecting your jewellery. such mini ziplock bags and assemble them into a larger one for easy access

Potli Bags: This is a traditional but practical idea to store your jewellery, especially delicate ones, while traveling. To avoid friction, get a few Potli pouches custom-made and use soft fabrics like microfibre or velvet. Stack all jewellery in this pouch and ensure you pull the strings tight

Travel in Style: No matter where or for how long you plan to travel, it is a great time to break free from your usual routine. It goes without saying that this is the time when we want to live carefree. So, it is ideal to leave items of high emotional or monetary value back home, but this does not mean you must leave all your jewellery at home

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