6 Educative Activities Your Kids Need To Indulge During Diwali Holidays Apart From Homework

By: FPJ Web Desk | November 09, 2023

Diwlai, the festival of lights is a time to rejoice for kids as its a break from school. While they might be burdened with some work from school, here are some fun things that you can try at home with your kids

Try making diyas using pottery with your kids. Nothing beats a home made eco-friendly diya on an auspicious day

Whether its choosing new curtains to cleaning your house, make sure to involve kids in organising and cleaning up the house. You can also give them responsibilities and zones to look after

Involve your kids in creating home decor. Kids love playing with colours and paint, just let their creativity flow and enjoy their time with colours

Festive season means having family get-togethers at home. Involve your budding chefs in the kitchen for making diwali sweets

Whats better than making a beautiful flower rangoli during diwali? You can try out different designs for the rangoli and go crazy

Your kids can also try learning a new language or simply pick up a new hobby during the holidays

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