6 Signs That Your Partner Is Love Bombing You For Money And Sex

By: FPJ Web Desk | July 29, 2023

Have you ever met someone who showered you with compliments, gifts, and attention within a few days of knowing you? If yes, then you might have been a victim of love bombing. Love bombing is a manipulative strategy of overwhelming someone with signs of affection and admiration for hidden motive like money and sex. Also, early and intense talks about your future together

1. They give you needless gifts: as tokens of their affection. Though gift-giving is a love language for some people, this becomes a problem when the gifts are unnecessary, unwanted, extravagant or over-the-top. If you make it known that you don’t want these gifts and they keep giving them to you anyway, this is a red flag that you’re being love bombed. These gifts are usually something quite elaborate, expensive or big purchases to win you over

2. They’re in a rush to lock things down: They’ll be quick to call you their soulmate and they’re likely to bring up the idea of commitment early in a relationship

3. They will force you to choose between them and other people you care about: and even other responsibilities like work, hobbies and more. They prefer you to spend time with them as opposed to other important people because they want to monopolize your time so that you rely solely on them. They like you better when you’re alone: By isolating you from your family and friends, a person who love bombs amplifies their control over you

4. They can’t take ‘no’ for an answer: If you tell a love bomber you’re not okay with their behaviour or try to set up healthy boundaries, they’re likely to become argumentative. If it feels like a boundary or many boundaries have been crossed, that’s a sign that your voice isn’t being heard and your opinion doesn’t matter in the relationship

5. They over-communicate their love for you: A person who love bombs might check in frequently about what you’re doing when they’re not around or check up on your location. Sometimes, they can even overdo it online by posting too frequently how they feel about you

6. You feel overwhelmed, uneasy or off-balance: Sometimes, it’s okay to wonder whether you’re on the same page as your partner. We all love at different paces and in different stages, and what feels right for someone else may not feel right for you. If you ever feel uneasy, off-balance or overwhelmed and you communicate these feelings to your partner but they don’t reciprocate those feelings or respond in healthy, positive ways; these are the warning signs

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