Pride Month 2023: 6 Drag Queens from India who redefine beauty and inclusivity

By: FPJ Web Desk | June 18, 2023

While homosexuality still being looked down upon in India, there are some brave icons who have started a conversation and given the courage to be who they are through their drag. Drag Queens in India have sailed against the tides and redefined sexuality in a much bolder way. Here are five beautiful and bold drag queens from India who deserve a big applause

Sushant Divgikr/ Rani KoHEnur : Model, actor Sushant Divgikr is someone who became international celebrity when she secured her name in Forbes 30 under 30 Asian class of 2020. Sushant is known as Rani KoHEnur and inspires people to embrace their individuality, use makeup as a tool to express themselves uninhibitedly, and take very good care of themselves

Mark Mascarenhas : Mark Mascarenhas and has spoken openly about embarrassing individuality. She became the first Drag Aertist to put out a music video. The video is a huge progress for the LGBTQIA+ community in India

Prateek Sachdeva Prateek Sachdeva is also known as Betta Naan Stop and she says becoming one is like transforming into a superhero, making her ready to take on the world. She performs across the country with many international drag artists and is really famous in Kolkata's comedy and dance circle

Alex Mathew aka mayathedragqueen: Alex Mathew, popularly known as Maya the Drag Queen or Mayamma is a popular drag queen from India. Alex began performing as a drag queen in September 2014 and came out of the closet a month later

Rimi Heart: Rimi is Bengaluru-based drag queen who embrases her divine femininity and hopes to do right by womanhood. A singing queen, Sudipto Biswas aka Rimi, is all about the vocals and the voice. A singer-songwriter as well as a drag artiste, Rimi is a star entertainer

Shabnam Be-wa-fa: One of India’s youngest drag queens, Nitish Anand aka Shbnam Bewafa is one of the most accomplished queens of the lot. A TedX speaker, entertainer, and performer, Shabnam is a high fashion queen who is all about style and aesthetic

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