5 Fairy Tales You Must Read Out To Your Kids That Give Valuable Life Lessons On International Fairy Day

By: FPJ Web Desk | June 23, 2023

International Fairy Day is celebrated every year on June 24. The idea behind the day is to appreciate and uplift the celebration of mythical creatures such as fairies and to use their tales to teach valuable lessons to the children

Snow White is a young princess and is defined by her inherent kindness and pure beauty. In the story, an evil queen spends all her life envying Snow White’s beauty. Moral: If you lust over physical beauty, you lose your peace in the way. The story also encourages kids to be kind and pure like Snow White.

In the story, a spoiled prince turns into a beast and imprisons a beautiful young lady named Belle. It’s only when he learns to love Belle that he becomes the prince again. Moral: We should value internal characteristics such as kindness over other superficial or physical qualities.

The story revolves around Sleeping Beauty cursed by a wicked fairy. Beauty spends all her childhood sleeping, but on her 16th birthday, her prince charming finds her and wakes her up after years of slumber. Moral: The story teaches that good things happen with good people

Cinderella is one of the most popular fairy tales of all time. Moral: This story teaches kids how they should never stop dreaming despite all the hardships that life presents them with

Ariel is a free-spirited mermaid who goes off on an adventure with her two best buddies to make her dreams come true. Moral: There are many lessons that the story teaches us including how the mermaid achieved her goal despite her mistakes and challenges she went through. If you give up when you face challenges, you would never achieve your dreams but if you try your best, you will succeed

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