5 best ice cream joints in cities across India

By: FPJ Web Desk | February 05, 2023

Naturally Crafted Nalen Gur Ice Cream by Pabrai at Kolkata: First discovered by Pabrai with Nalen Gur as the prime ingredient which is found in Bengal's date palm (khajur) trees and is made after harvesting the tree's sap during the winter. The unique ice cream is equally delicious and is found only at Pabrai

Molly Moo's Waffle Cookie Sundae at Jaipur: is a must try as it is extra ordinary, lip-smacking creation with large scoops of ice cream containing cookie chunks housed neatly on a freshly-made waffle bed

They also serve innovative masala chai-flavored ice cream among many other varieties

Kawaii's Mochi Ice Cream at Bengaluru: The experimental flavors here include Milk Tea, Matcha among others, and are made in a unique way wherein these flavors are enveloped neatly in jelly-like casings made using Japonica sweet rice dough

Want to try Nutella-rich ice cream, then you must try 'Nutella Nut by Cremeborne in Delhi' which is a cone lined with a good amount of Nutella and is coated with chopped hazelnuts for extra crunch

Cream Stone with its six outlets in Pune and the store is located in other Indian cities as well. Kala Jamun flavored ice cream made using freshly ground Jamun is smooth and creamy with little pieces of Jamun added to it for that little tangy zing in every bite

They also serve a wide range of smoothies, shakes, ice cream sandwiches, and cakes

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