5 Arundhati Roy Books That Sparked Controversy

By: FPJ Web Desk | October 10, 2023

Arundhati Roy is an acclaimed Indian author and activist. Her writing often reflects deep concern for social justice, equity, and the welfare of marginalized and disadvantaged populations.

She, along with professor Sheikh Showkat Hussain is facing sedition in a 2010 case for stating that India has illegally occupied Kashmir. She is not new to controversy. Here are 5 of her works which didn't go well with many, but was still great successes.

‘The God of Small Things’ was her debut novel, published in 1997. The novel won the prestigious Man Booker Prize and brought her widespread acclaim. But she also faced a minor legal challenge when a person filed a case against her for writing 'immoral' stuff in the book.

‘The Ministry of Utmost Happiness,’ published in 2017, is a complex and sprawling narrative that weaves together multiple storylines and characters set against the backdrop of India's socio-political landscape. The struggle in Kashmir is a prominent theme in this book.

'Azadi: Freedom, Fascism, Fiction' compiles nine essays by Arundhati Roy spanning from 2018 to 2020. This period witnessed the shift from democratically-elected governments worldwide toward authoritarianism, culminating in the Covid-19 pandemic.

In her work, 'Broken Republic,' Arundhati Roy delivers a steadfast critique of the Indian government's stance, which permits the extensive corporate acquisition of land and resources belonging to the people. This compilation of three essays delves into the background, progression, and consequences of the perils posed by internal conflicts on India's economy.

In 'Walking with the Comrades,' she gives an in-depth and firsthand account of her experiences as she spent time with the Maoist guerrilla fighters and the tribal communities caught in the midst of the conflict. She offers insights into the lives, struggles, and aspirations of the marginalized and oppressed communities living in these remote areas.

Arundhati has been involved in various legal controversies and cases over the years, primarily related to her political activism and public statements on contentious issues. Nevertheless, she has continued to be a prominent public figure, using her platform to advocate for her beliefs and engage in discussions about important societal issues.

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